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Boulder Bud Company

UBER Rolling Tray

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【FUN - INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS】The Ultimate Boulder Bud Company Uber Rolling Tray 7.25” x 5.5” with Patent Pending design that includes; a rolling paper hopper, attachable King Size cone filler, underside LED light holder, corner funnel & LED programmable light [King size: 109mm length].

【ULTIMATE HOPPER ROLLING PAPER HOPPER BAY】Boulder Bud Company’s Patented rolling paper hopper bay design allows rolling a rolling paper to be securly held in place by a pivoting holder directly underneath a 1mm overhanging ledge for the perfect roll.

【VALUE: 6 SEPARATE ITEMS IN ONE ULTIMATE ROLLING TRAY KIT】1) 7.25” X 5.5” Tray with attachable cone filler 2) Rechargeable LED vibration light with 2-sided suction cup 3) USB charging cord 4) 1 Cone Tub Holder 5) Boulder Bud Company Sticker 6) Separate adaptable cone filler for King Size cones [King Size: 109mm length].

【SEPARATE ADAPTABLE LARGE CONE FILLER】Includes a separate adaptable King Size clear rubber cone filler with two attachable rubber tubes [King Size: 109mm total length with 26mm long tip].

【LED RECHARGEABLE LIGHT】Includes: 1) light and vibration sensor 2) 7 monochrome colors and 17 different light modes 3) Long lasting battery life 4) two sided suction cup LED light holder.