About us

Thank you from Boulder Bud Co.!

Boulder Bud Co. exists to offer the most fun, innovative and top quality products to make your  experience the best it can be.

Boulder Bud Co. was formed from a group of friends born out of a frustration of not finding smoking products that ideally fit a need.

For example, we created a Sploof that in addition to hiding the smoke & odor the Sploof itself is hidden as a Sploof – a Sploof that looks like an iPhone – it also has a vape holder in the spine and a stash (or for extra scented sheets) holding area in the back.

To avoid the mess and trouble associated with traditional grinders, we wanted a cone filler directly attached to a grinder so we created the versatile Grinder Cone Filler for both hand and electric grinders. We also sought out the best machined grinding tooth design.

Our old rolling trays were honestly just not that much fun, so we designed the UBER TRAY – a super tray with;

1) A versatile attached cone filler.

2) A hopper bay for rolling with an overhanging edge, to allow the paper to perfectly match to the underside of the ledge and brush onto the paper.

3) An easy to use corner funnel design.

4) A raised tray platform with LED lights and different light modes - designed to make the experience and the atmosphere as much fun as possible.

We also offer the best smell proof bag around, and please find us for perfect products to discreetly travel with your edibles.

Thanks again! Our goal is to give you the best  experience possible with the best quality and most innovative products around. 

Light Happiness – boulderbudco.com

We Support:

Of the many conditions Boulder Bud Company products are used to help, we feel the strongest benefits to mental health.

Boulder Bud Company proudly the Suicide Prevention Lifeline https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ and the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance https://www.dbsalliance.org/crisis/suicide-hotline-helpline-information/