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Boulder Bud Company

Black Smell Proof Bag with Combination Lock Odor Proof Stash with Free Grinder, Tube Filler, Tubes, Jars & Tray

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[FUN INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS] Includes a free 4 piece grinder with our Patent Pending adaptable large cone filler with two adaptable king-size clear rubber cone fillers – cone filler tubes [King size: 109mm length]

【DISCREET AND ODOR FREE】This password lock bag measures 9 x 6 x 4.5 inches. Suitable for storing all your strong smell items.


1) Large smell proof bag with 3 key lock

2) 4 Piece premium 2.5” interchangeable grinder with removable screen

3) Two tubes

4) Two 2.5” jars with safety lids

5) Scraper

6) Brush

7) Rolling tray 7.25” x 5.5”

8) Sticker

9) Attachable large cone filler

【PREMIUM QUALITY ODOR PROTECTION】durable water-resistant fabric with thick layers of activated carbon, 3 digit combination lock, strong sealed zippers, 3 pocket velcro dividers with each accessory the stash box has its designated slot

【ULTIMATE STASH BOX WITH STRONG COMBINATION LOCK】Boulder Bud Company odor-proof bags are equipped with a strong combination lock design and are easy to operate. The double zipper design allows you to easily access items. Use it as a locking bag to protect the privacy and safety of your items, you can set or change your passcode, and it is strong enough not to be opened by a child.



Every Smell Proof Bag has an Individually Programmable 3 Dial Numbered Lock:

To set the combination to an individual preference:

1) The bag will arrive with 0 - 0- 0 combination. 

2) With 0 - 0 - 0 set,

3) Press the small round button on the top of the lock, down, then

4) Turn the number buttons to your personal combination preference, then

5) Press in the open latch button on the side.  

6) Your new combination is now set. 


To change the combination to a new individual preference after a lock combination has been set;

1) Set the lock combination to the open combination, then

2) Press the small top button down,

3) Change the three dials to the new desired combination, and

4) Then push the side open button.